Since 1994, Chongqing Kington-Liyang Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been producing distinctive motorcycles celebrated for their style and engineering. As the first five motorcycle manufacturers in Chongqing, Kington-Liyang has honorable history and rich heritage. In June 2011, Kington-Liyang was acquired by Chongqing Andes Mechanical/Electrical Trade Co., Ltd. (Andes Motos). Now Chongqing Kington-Liyang Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Andes Motos.

Andes Motos is one of the most valued motorcycle manufacturers in Chongqing Municipality and is synonymous with motorcycle OEM in China. These merger and acquisition push forward the evolution of Kington-Liyang and the growth of Andes Motos.

Kington-Liyang manufactures various motorcycles in its industrial park(area 25,036 ㎡, 2 engine lines, 3 assembly lines, 2 labs, 1 R&D centre, and 1 inspection centre). An expanding plan is launched that a new industrial park with 233,333 ㎡, 7 assembly lines and 6 engine lines will be completed in 2013. Now the volume of exports is about 28,000 units monthly. The domestic market sales are rising continuously after applied very latest models.

Oversea design studios contribute very much to Kington-Liyang motorcycle. They not only work with Kington-Liyang, but also absorb the ideas from Kington-Liyang’s clients. The joint R&D between the three sides creates a special but effective design mode.

At the heart of Kington-Liyang’s philosophy is a commitment to developing class leading motorcycles with distinctive looks, beautiful sound, amazing performance, and rider’s initial needs. That is “the art of motos”.

Kington-Liyang is devoted to motorcycles. So Kington-Liyang’s motorcycles have always had a unique character – distinctive design, performance pedigree, and outstanding engineering. But, above all, every Kington-Liyang product has always delivered an exceptional riding experience.

Kington-Liyang embraces technology, which ensures that its motorcycles are constantly improving. That doesn’t mean chasing horsepower or unnecessarily smothering its products with complicated gadgets. It means making motorcycles that are continually more refined, better handling and more suitable for purpose.

Kington-Liyang is good at coping with market trend. Benefiting from its speedy reaction, every new model has stirred the target markets. Kington-Liyang occupies large market shares in Latin-America. Besides Latin-America market, Kington-Liyang also propels its partnership with customers in Asia and Africa, and develops new markets.

The essential mission of new Kington-Liyang is creating a win-win co-operation with customers. Super quality and competitive price are focused on our products that deliver great success to every customer. The strength of Kington-Liyang lies in the powerful synergy of its skilled people, its market-driven solutions, its advanced technology and its customer-oriented policy. Meanwhile, aiming to be the best is nature at Kington-Liyang, whether it's in the way we produce our high-quality products or the way we manage our businesses and engage with customers. And with high sense of quality control, Kington-Liyang people increase a faith in customers that the motorcycles made by Kington-Liyang are for high-class quality as for excellence in customer service and value to the society.

We believe, “simpleness makes proficiency!”
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